Here are some tips for making you pooch look their best on the day of the photo shoot.

Have your dog Groomed a few days before their session if needed.

Bathe your dog before his session, brush them the day of the session and bring brushes with for location session.

Take your dog for a walk before their session this will help them relax and burn off some energy.

We focus on the eyes when taking photos of your pets so make sure you clean any globs from the eyes using a soft washcloth and warm water.

Have some of they’re favorite treats on hand we will bring some special treats for rewards.

Nothing gets the attention of a dog like their favorite toy. They light up and really get animated with a squeak or just seeing their toys.

If your dog likes to chase toys like balls, catch Frisbee’s in the air or retrieve bumpers from the water make sure those come along. Remember your dog will need room to chase balls and Frisbees make sure the location you have chosen has the necessary room.

We make every effort to get the images of you dog that you want however we need the cooperation of your dog. So if their sit, stay, stop are rusty you should work with them for a few days be for their session.

Remember you are responsible for your dog’s behavior and keeping them under control.


One last thing if your session is in the back yard where they do their business take some time to clean up; I spend a lot of time on the ground nose to nose with your pooch… thanking you in advance.