© Ken Tidy All rights reserved no reproduction of any kind without written permission from Ken Tidy.

Every image I capture, I own.

I can sell it to you as a digital file or sell it to you as a print …

BUT, and it's a very important BUT … I still own it.  It is not permissible to give it away, provide it for free use to your sponsor, use it on your business website without paying me a commensurate rate for the commercial gain that such an ‘advertising image' might provide your business or your sponsors business. And depending on the medium will depend on the value.

All images © Ken Tidy United States and international copyright laws protect all photographs and images. Please do not download, copy, print-screen, take a screenshot with any device of any image on this website. Portfolio Proof images are for display on my website alone. This means my images may NOT be displayed on sites such as Facebook, websites, and forums or for advertising in any format without my written permission. People in breach of my Copyright Terms will face a Copyright Infringement Penalty & possible legal action.




The majority of my images, whether prints or JPEG files are licensed for personal use, and this is the license you have if you purchase event photos from this site. These Printed images may be hung on your wall, digital images can be used on your personal social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your personal web site or your club web site. Any other use must be approved in writing by me and may involve a fee.


I also license images for commercial use. This is generally a specific, non-exclusive license, on a one-time or annual basis. Commercial use includes any use of an image by an entity, which is using it as collateral to help sell a product. Examples include book and magazine articles, product advertising, or resale of the images directly. If you have a need for a commercial licensed photo, please contact me and we can discuss options.

The above license would apply to your sponsors if they want to use one of my images.  Have your sponsors contact me directly.  


I do not work for exposure!